April 8, 2015



How to File for Divorce in California


Step 1 - Download divorce papers for California using one of the buttons above.

Step 2 - The spouse who decides to file for divorce must complete the forms and then file them with the Circuit Court Clerk's Office in the county where he or she resides, in addition to paying the proper filing fee. These may include:
California Complaint of Divorce
Affidavit of Testimony in Support of Decree
Divorce Information Sheet

Step 3 - You must notify your spouse of the filing by sending him or her copies of the filed documents from Step 2 and the Answer, Waiver, and Agreement for Taking of Testimony. Next, your spouse must return the Answer, Waiver, and Agreement for Taking of Testimony to you so that you can deliver the forms to the clerk.
IF YOU HAVE MINOR CHILDREN -- Schedule a time to meet with your spouse to complete the forms related to your children. These may include:
Child Support Obligation Income Statement
Child Support Guidelines
Child Support Guidelines Worksheet
Child Support Guidelines Notice of Compliance

Step 4 - You will have to negotiate the division of your property (i.e. assets and debts) by jointly completing the Separation Agreement. Using the completed Separation Agreement, you then must complete the Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce.

Step 5 - After completing the Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce, the spouse who filed for divorce must file these forms. At the clerk's office, you may schedule a court hearing date if necessary. The clerks office will inform you if a hearing is necessary to complete the divorce, or if a judge will authorize your Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce. If the judge does so, the clerk will mail you the courts authorization. Whether you receive the Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce in the mail or at the court hearing, you will have to file it with the clerk. This filing will complete your divorce in the state of California.


District Courts in California


San Francisco Courthouse
Address - 400 McAllister Street San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone - (415) 551-4000

Oakland Courthouse (Hayward Civil Court)
Address - 24405 Amador Street Hayward, CA 94544
Phone - (510) 690-2705

San Jose Courthouse (Family Courthouse)
Address - 170 Park Ave San Jose, CA 95113
Phone - (408) 534-5600

Sacramento Courthouse
Address - 4720 9th Street Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone - (916) 930-4000

Fresno Courthouse
Address - 1330 O Street 2nd Floor Fresno, CA 93721
Phone - (559) 457-2100

South Lake Tahoe Courthouse
Address - 3368 South Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Phone - (916) 930-4583

Bakersfield Courthouse
Address - 1215 Truxtun Ave 3rd Floor Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone - (661) 868-4530

San Mateo Courthouse
Address - 800 North Humboldt Street San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone - (650) 363-4711

Madera Courthouse
Address - 209 West Yosemite Ave Madera, CA 93637
Phone - (650) 363-4711

Western Division
Address - 255 East Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone - (213) 894-1565

Central Division - George E. Brown Federal Building
Address - 3470 Twelfth Street Riverside, CA 92501
Phone - (951) 328-4450

Western Division - Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse
Address - 411 West Fourth Street Room 1053 Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone - (714) 338-4750

Edward J. Schwartz U.S Courthouse
Address - 255 East Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone - (619) 557-5600

El Centro
Address - 2003 West Adams Ave Suite 220 El Centro, CA 92243
Phone - (760) 335-3428