What a Divorce Can Teach Your Next Marriage

Divorce Can Teach Divorces can be very ugly.  Painful arguments, infidelity, and emotions that turn cold can mark a relationship leading to a divorce.  The process itself can be venomous.  Spouses might turn their children against their mother or father, they might try to get as much property as possible or restrict child visitation rights Read more about What a Divorce Can Teach Your Next Marriage[…]

UK man

Divorcing in the UK

Divorcing in the UK Divorcing in the UK of wealthy movie stars and athletes often feature substantial awards of alimony or child support.  Marcia Murphey was awarded $150 million dollars in her divorce from musician Neil Diamond in 1994.  The marriage’s length of 25 years certainly contributed to the high amount.  After a much shorter Read more about Divorcing in the UK[…]

Child of divorce

25% of Children in Divorce have Long-Term Problems

Children in Divorce It is estimated that almost 25% of children whose parents go through a divorce experience some level of long-term behavioral and or emotional problems. This compares to approximately 10% of children of otherwise similar circumstances whose parents remain together. It is estimated that up to one third of parents simply cannot or Read more about 25% of Children in Divorce have Long-Term Problems[…]

Divorce movies

Divorce in the Movies?

Divorce in the Movies Hollywood’s portrayal of many aspects of life is often grossly inaccurate.  What about its portrayal of divorce?  Could divorce in the movies tell us anything about the process itself? In the film Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), for example, a wife leaves her husband largely because he is a workaholic and has Read more about Divorce in the Movies?[…]

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