Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived a remarkable life. Born into a family of meager means in a small Austrian town, Schwarzenegger went on to dominate the bodybuilding circuit in the 1970s, winning its most esteemed competition, Mr. Olympia, seven times. Afterwards, he went on to become one of the most prolific action stars in Hollywood, and[…]

learning from divorce

What a Divorce Can Teach Your Next Marriage

Divorce Can Teach Divorces can be very ugly.  Painful arguments, infidelity, and emotions that turn cold can mark a relationship leading to a divorce.  The process itself can be venomous.  Spouses might turn their children against their mother or father, they might try to get as much property as possible or restrict child visitation rights[…]

russell brand katy perry down

Reasons For Katy Perry and Russell Brand Divorce

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Divorce The controversial, outspoken English comedian Russell Brand divorced American pop sensation Katy Perry in December of 2011. Like most couples, they cited irreconcilable differences in their divorce petition.  But their partnership might have been doomed from the start. The two celebrities came from radically different backgrounds.  This may have[…]

Muslim Woman

Try Divorcing in the Muslim World

Divorcing in the Muslim World In some parts of the Muslim world, women may not end their marriages without their husband’s consent.  Divorcing in the Muslim world and other trends have changed recently, showing a liberalization of family law. Women’s Divorce Resources.  Men’s Divorce Resources. In Egypt, women have increasingly sought divorces in the past[…]